What to Expect

We’ve spent the last decade of our careers building a process that we have seen work time after time. Whether it’s a complex mobile application or an e-commerce website, we’ve found the steps below to be a tried and true methodology for bringing everyone together to achieve greatness.



We’ll help define answers to many questions that will help give clarity to the project goal, who our users are, their requirements, and so much more. What do we know? What don’t we know? These questions will be pivotal to your project’s initial launch as well as its ongoing success.


Planning & Strategy

By using what we’ve gathered in discovery, we’ll build a plan that includes project vision, user stories, release plan, and above all a strategy to build what your users want while maximizing your budget to its fullest potential. Our goal will be to get something released to your users as quickly as we can so you can start seeing an early return on your investment.



We’re very people-focused and transparent in how we work. We’ll execute your project plan using short release cycles so that you’re able to see and use what we’re building along the way. Feedback is critical to our methodology, so we want to know what our users think. You’ll always be involved with what we’re working on and we’ll be able to quickly pivot if your priorities change.


Measurement & Adaptation

Having a website, app, or piece of software released is just the beginning. Once it’s launched it’s critical to gather information straight from your users. What do they like? What don’t they like? How can this be better? We’ll help you strive for continuous improvement which will yield more website traffic, more app users, and more return on your ongoing investment.

How does this all come together?

Let us show you how we’ve used this process to successfully help our clients build some really big things.

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